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A crown’s function is to restore a fragile or broken-down tooth to its original strength. Crowns are typically used for teeth that have decayed to a broken, worn, or partially destroyed tooth. Teeth that have undergone a root canal are also candidates for crowns. Essentially crowns become a tooth’s new outer surface because they are permanently over an existing tooth to cover the part above your gum line.

To decide if a crown is the best method to regain the aesthetics and complete functionality for your smile we consider many factors. We may suggest a crown if there is a larger filling that is beginning to break down or is causing cracks in a tooth. It is typically necessary to employ a crown after you have had a root canal. Fractures can be caused by grinding and clenching your teeth and also cause excessive wear. To protect the teeth from breaking in these cases it would be beneficial to have the complete coverage of the crown.

Pauly Dental’s Crown Treatment

In order to create crowns that look, feel and function just like your natural teeth, Dr. Terra Pauly and our team take great pride in our work. Porcelain, metal, or both are used to make our crowns. In order to look like your natural teeth’s translucency and achieve a very strong finish we suggest using porcelain crowns.

Your impressions and diagnostic images will be used by our dental laboratory technician to examine all aspects of your mouth and teeth. To ensure your jaw movements and bite function properly once we place the crown, your crown is sculpted uniquely for your teeth.

Digital X-rays and intraoral photos will be used to explain your diagnosis and address any questions you may have by Dr. Pauly during your crown consultation. Post-treatment care, why a crown may be required and what the procedure entails will be thoroughly discussed with you. The cost and potential risks of opting out of the crown treatment will be covered as well.

Before Dental Crown

After Dental Crown

dental crown

dental crown

dental crown

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