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General Dentistry Explained

Everyone should see a dentist at least twice a year, and it is important to choose a dental facility that offers a variety of general dentistry services. When you choose a general dentist, the individual is able to provide a wider range of routine or emergency dental care along with treating different ages of patients. Here is a list of services that you can expect to receive from a general dentist.

Seven Types Of General Dentistry Services

General Dentistry Service 1: Fillings For Your Cavities

If you are taking daily care of your teeth, then you will rarely need a filling. However, with a dental examination every six months, a dentist can find a tiny cavity so that he can fill it with a color-matching composite resin. Occasionally, a dentist will use metal to fill a larger cavity that is located toward the back of your mouth.

General Dentistry Service 2: Professional Teeth Cleaning

When you have plaque around your teeth, it is easier to develop gum disease. To prevent gingivitis, you should have your teeth cleaned professionally. At the general dentist’s office, this service is usually performed by the dental hygienist who will use small instruments to scrape away hard plaque. The removal of plaque will eliminate bacteria to protect your mouth from gum disease. If you are feeling discomfort during professional teeth cleaning, then you can request nitrous oxide.

General Dentistry Service 3: Wisdom Teeth Extractions

If you have pain in your jaw toward the back of your mouth, then you may have impacted wisdom teeth. These third molars are frequently removed because modern humans have smaller mouths than our ancestors did. The signs of having impacted molars are chronic discomfort in the jaw, swelling of the gums and a foul taste in the mouth. During wisdom teeth extractions, you are given nitrous oxide as part of sedation dentistry so that you won’t feel any pain throughout the procedure.

General Dentistry Service 4: Root Canals

When you damage a tooth or have a large cavity, you can develop an infection that requires root canal surgery. For this type of procedure, you need sedation dentistry with nitrous oxide so that you don’t move during the surgery. After you are asleep, the dentist will drill into the infected tooth to remove its pulp, nerves and roots. The tooth is rinsed thoroughly to remove bacteria, and it is filed with resin. The dentist will cover this tooth with a beautiful dental crown.

General Dentistry Service 5: Emergency Dental Care

If you fall off your bicycle or get hit in the face while playing sports, then you may experience a broken or dislocated tooth. Don’t wait to visit your dentist because you need emergency dental care. Bring along the broken portion of the tooth or the entire tooth so that a dentist can rush you into a treatment room for an emergency procedure to fix the damaged tooth or to reinsert the dislocated tooth.

General Dentistry Service 6: Customized Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used to cover teeth that have large cavities, severe damage or for structural problems such as protection after root canals. A crown is an attractive color-matching cap that covers the entire tooth, providing a beautiful appearance and a sturdy biting surface. A general dentist can often make a customized dental crown in one day.

General Dentistry Service 7: Replacing Missing Teeth

You don’t need to cope with missing teeth because a general dentist has a variety of options for repairing this problem. It is possible to wear a dental bridge that remains inside your mouth, and this appliance will have full-size customized dental crowns. If you have numerous missing teeth, then you can wear removable dentures in the upper or lower part of your mouth. Dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth because the devices are surgically implanted into the alveolar bones of your gums.

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