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Pediatric Dentistry

Pauly Dental is a pediatric dentist in Wichita, Kansas

Pediatric dentists play a vital role in your child’s oral health. They dedicate their practice to improving and maintaining healthy teeth and gums of children from infancy through their teenage years.

Pediatric dentists can work very closely with pediatricians and other dentists, who refer patients who require this special type of dental treatment.

Pediatric Dentistry with Pauly Dental

Pauly Dental provides a calm environment for children: For many children, going to a dentist may be a frightening experience. At Pauly Dental, we provide a calming environment and process that is designed to make your child feel comfortable and relaxed.

Pauly Dental provides your child with an educational experience. The pediatric dentist and the office staff at Pauly Dental focus on educating children on the importance of oral health. This education includes providing tips on how to brush properly, using the right floss, and the overall importance of keeping their teeth clean. The purpose of this education is to ensure the child learns great oral health practices.

Early evaluation of oral health is important! In pediatric dentistry school, we learn how to monitor a child’s oral health over the course of several years. As a parent, when you bring your child to a pediatric dentist for a check-up, the dentist that evaluates them will monitor the loss of their baby teeth and the rise of the permanent teeth. Furthermore, pediatric dentists can tell whether or not your child will need braces from an early age. This allows you and the dentist to create the best plan for your child’s orthodontic treatment.

Contact Pauly Dental to Learn More about Pediatric Dentistry in Wichita

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of a pediatric dentist, contact Pauly Dental today to speak to our experience and informative staff.

If you are seeking an appointment with a pediatric dentist in Wichita, you can fill out an pediatric dentistry appointment request here or call our office today at (316) 263-0889.

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